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  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • East Grand Rapids, MI
  • Kentwood, MI
  • Forest Hills, MI
  • Wyoming, MI
  • Caledonia, MI
  • Byron Center, MI
  • Walker, MI


MJR Landscape, established in 2011, specializes in lawn care and pest control services for residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Kentwood, Grand Rapids, Cascade, MI, and neighboring areas. The company’s mission is to deliver top-quality, reliable services, ensuring exceptional results. To achieve this, MJR Landscape invests heavily in employee training, ensuring adherence to high-performance standards.

Communication with customers is a priority for MJR Landscape, with a focus on maintaining constant contact and promptly addressing customer needs. The company guarantees reliability, ensuring timely service with a professional approach. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee, promising to rectify any service that doesn’t meet customer expectations.

In addition to its services, MJR Landscape participates in Project Evergreen, contributing to the creation of a greener and healthier Earth. This commitment to excellence and environmental sustainability positions MJR Landscape as a trusted partner for those seeking comprehensive lawn care and pest control solutions.

  • Lawn Mowing: Regular and precise mowing to maintain a neat and healthy lawn.
  • Fertilization: Customized fertilization programs to nourish lawns and promote growth.
  • Weed Control: Effective solutions to combat and prevent weed infestations.
  • Pest Control Services: Comprehensive pest management to protect properties from various pests.
  • Residential Property Services: Tailored services for homeowners to maintain beautiful and healthy yards.
  • Commercial Property Services: Specialized care for commercial properties, ensuring professional and appealing landscapes.
  • HOA Property Services: Maintenance and care for Homeowners Association properties, ensuring consistency and quality across communities.

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