Can You Repair a Sewer Damaged House?

home damaged by leaking sewage pipe.


Yes. A home damaged by sewer backflows can be repaired, but it depends on the extent of the damage. For the best solution, consult with a professional team, who will assess the damage and develop a recovery plan for you.

How Can a Home Be Sewer Damaged?

Sewer damage refers broadly to how water-containing sewerage harms a house. It can happen in a few ways, impacting the home differently. The most common is sewage water that enters a home because a drain, sink, or toilet is blocked. The water cannot flow through the system and spills into the house.

Another situation is when there is sewage backflow. This is when a blockage is further down the drain or water is moving backward, causing the backflow into the house.

A third case is when a septic tank containing sewerage is compromised. This situation is common in homes with septic tanks in the basements that push dirty water into the line. The septic tank can be broken and damaged, or there could be a problem with the tank’s plumbing leading to sewage overflow into the home.

Lastly, a flood could contain sewerage water. Here, it could be sewerage from a gutter, but since the contaminated water has gotten into your home, it is considered sewerage damage rather than flood damage.

In all these cases, the severity of the situation will determine the best approach to repairing the home.

Sewerage Water Damage

Sewerage contains harmful elements such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, etc. These elements can be hazardous for humans and pets. They can come in contact with humans in many different ways. Even if you don’t have direct skin contact with the sewerage water, it can still be dangerous to be in the same area as the sewerage damage. Wearing gloves, boots, eye protection, and protective clothing is critical if you work in a home with sewerage water damage.

The harmful bacteria and other elements can cause life-threatening illnesses. Trying to manage the situation on your own could be a significant risk. You are getting a professional to help if significant sewerage water damage occurs. 


Unlike water damage caused by clean water, sewerage water damage is often irreversible. Carpets, insulation, padding, and even wooden flooring can be permanently damaged by sewerage water. Cleaning is not only about getting the area dry and preventing mold and mildew; other issues impacted by sewerage water must be adequately disinfected and treated before they are safe to use.

Merely leaving them out in the sun won’t be enough. You must treat them with deterrent substances like chlorine to kill the bacteria and other harmful elements and remove the smell.

Like regular water damage in a home, sewage water damage can also ruin the electrical system. If the water is flooded to the socket height in a room or the water impacts major outlets, be extremely careful when stepping onto the property. Your best option in this scenario is to have professional damage control experts like a professional assist you. 

A professional will advise you on how to get compensation for your damages and how you can recover from the situation effectively. They have been dealing with sewage damage for many years and have all the answers.

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